RetroTouch Crystal White Glass Switched Fused Spur

RetroTouch Crystal White Glass Switched Fused Spur


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13 Amp Fused Spur


The Retrotouch Crystal Wiring Accessories Range is a quick and easy way to update any interior. The stylish design and hidden screws give a perfectly polished finish to complete any room.
25mm Back box Required
13A Fuse Rated Double Pole Switch
Rated Voltage: 220~240V AC
13 A Rated

What is a Switched Fused Spur?

Switched Fused Spurs are also known as Fused Connection Units or Fused Switches. They are available in various types some without Switches or with Neon indicator lights and others with cord outlet holes in the front. Spurs are generally used with Electrical appliances that need to be hard-wired as opposed to using a Plug and Socket. Typical examples could be Washing Machines, Tumble Driers, Dishwashers or Storage Heaters etc The Switched Fused Spurs we sell are Double Pole (DP) which means that the switch breaks both the Live and the Neutral poles – this is widely regarded as the safest way to isolate an electrical load.

Switched Fused Spurs offer the protection of a 13 amp fuse and depending on the loading on the appliance this can be changed by the user to accept a 3, 5 or 10 fuses if required.

You can choose to have a neon indicator light that will show you when the appliance is live and we also offer the same units with a cord outlet to allow the appliance flex through the front of the Switched Fused Spur. This is useful when wiring heating products or similar.

Our Switched Fused Spurs also have an earth terminal as well as 2 live and neutral terminals and these terminals will accept up to 3 x 2.5mm Twin & Earth Cables or 2 x 4.0mm Twin & Earth Cables.

We recommend 25mm deep wall boxes for mounting our Switched Fused Spurs or 35mm deep wall boxes for shallow or flat plate ranges.

Wiring Diagram

See the wiring diagram for Fused Spurs.

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Average customer rating: Product Rating 16 out of 55 stars - 16  reviews

Product Rating 5 out of 5      Cool
03 April 2021 by , South Croydon - Verified Customer

Super cool sockets. Along with the light switches.

Product Rating 5 out of 5      Ordered To Match The Rest of The Sockets
01 April 2021 by , London - Verified Customer

The final piece in the puzzle. This matches the other Retrotouch stuff we ordered.

Product Rating 5 out of 5      Kids Live Them
26 March 2021 by , Manchester - Verified Customer

The kids love these and we are living in a starship, moonbase or hospital. Who knew! Thank you.

Product Rating 5 out of 5      Smart!
24 March 2021 by , Haywards Heath - Verified Customer

Updated kitchen with Retrotouch sockets and switches, and now looks very smart. Neighbours impressed too so another order coming.

Product Rating 5 out of 5      Fab Look
20 March 2021 by , Woking - Verified Customer

Fab. Look smart and clean.

Product Rating 5 out of 5      Looks Great In Our New Bathroom
20 March 2021 by , East Grinstead - Verified Customer

Product Rating 5 out of 5      Modern
18 March 2021 by , Warminster - Verified Customer

Very modern and stylish. Went for plain glass as chrome bit bling.

Product Rating 5 out of 5      Using WiFi Dimmers
18 March 2021 by , Maidstone - Verified Customer

As we are using WiFi dimmers controlled with an app, we needed these units as well to go in the ceiling. Very good system that works with Alexa too. Highly recommend.

Product Rating 5 out of 5      Look Fab
15 March 2021 by , Lancaster - Verified Customer

Look fab. Am very pleased.

Product Rating 5 out of 5      Love RetroTouch
14 March 2021 by , Birmingham - Verified Customer

Really love the RetroTouch looks. Much better than boring ordinary lightswitches

Product Rating 5 out of 5      Need All Usb
12 March 2021 by , Enfield - Verified Customer

These are great but need all USB ports as everything uses it now.

Product Rating 5 out of 5      Perfect Sockets
12 March 2021 by , Newcastle - Verified Customer

These are perfect, no need in messing around to find chargers.

Product Rating 5 out of 5      Love Them
11 March 2021 by , Northampton - Verified Customer

Absolutely love these light switches and sockets. Amazing!!

Product Rating 5 out of 5      Great Beside The Bed
10 March 2021 by , Bath - Verified Customer

Moved sockets up when redecorating the bedroom and these make it easy to plug phone etc into. Wife likes the look.

Product Rating 5 out of 5      Love The White Glass Finish
10 March 2021 by , Brighton - Verified Customer

Product Rating 5 out of 5      
07 June 2020 by , Wirral - Verified Customer

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