Cookies come in two flavours, those large soft biscuits and something to do with the computer and the internet.

We use the second help you and us on the site. Below we explain what these computer cookies are and why we use them on this site.

Cookies � What are they and where do they come from?

Cookies are tiny packets of information stored as text files on your computer, tablet or phone. This enable the website to work, to provide you with relevant information and help us resolve issues and errors.

The packets or files of information cannot harm your computer, they hold a text key that when read when the site that set them, remembers the reason why it was stored e.g. remembering the items in your basket. Cookies hold no personal information such your name, address, email etc, the information stored is not shared and are only understandable by the site that made them keeping your privacy.

Cookie Flavours

Cookies come in two flavours

  • Session cookies � these are only used when you are on the site; once you leave and shut your browser down, they are deleted from your computer and no further information is stored.
  • Stored cookies � this flavour is stored for a longer time on your computer and are remembered once you leave the site. However they are not permanent, and have a shelf life after which they are made inactive automatically. Like food some have short lives and some have longer lives depending on the reason they are made.

Types of Cookies

Just as there are types of biscuits, cookies come in types too � Essential, Analytics and Advertising

  • Essential cookies are important to make the site work and allows you to buy from us. They are used for remembering the items in your basket, your details as you go through the checkout process, remembering who you are when you return and providing a better experience on the site etc.
  • Analytics cookies are used to gather statistics on how many people are visiting the site and where you visit. This helps us understand what you like and dislike and helps improve the site. None of the cookies used gives us your personal details so you are completely anonymous to us.
  • We use Advertising Cookies to show you relevant information and products. If you allow these cookies they also stop the annoying adverts that follow you around and show items you are interested in. Again no personal information is used.

Who puts Cookies on my computer?

Cookies are stored on your computer by us and by third parties. Our cookies are generally to do with the functioning of the site and helping you on the site.

Third party cookies are placed by other sites and are again broken into the flavours and types above; from YouTube remembering you when play a video, to Paypal if you use them for payment. Any third party cookies set from us are from selected providers, who may in turn set their own cookies to help provide their services.

Looking after your Cookies

If you are happy to allow cookies please accept on the cookie notice. However if you would like to manage your cookies individually for any reason you can do so in the browser settings.

Here you can choose the cookies to accept, delete all your cookies (session and stored), set to be told when a cookie is about to be downloaded or just disable one, several or all cookies. Please be aware this site and many others will not function correctly or allow you to shop online if you alter or disable cookies.

The cookies we use

Cookie Name Purpose
strShopperGUID This cookie allows our site to respond to your actions on the website such as "Add to basket" or browsing the website. The website wouldn't work for you without it.
shopGuid This cookie allows our site to respond to your actions on the website such as "Add to basket" or browsing the website. The website wouldn't work for you without it.
_utma, _utmb, _utmz To see how many people are visiting the site and analyse look at how the site is being used, these cookies are used by Google Analytics. This helps us improve the site and your experience on it.
_utmx, _utmxx As part of the improvement process we use Google Optimser to work out the best way to do things. These cookies are used to see which options you prefer.

Other cookies

We may advertise on Google, Bing and other selected websites based on what you're viewing on our site. The adverts may highlight alternative styles and colours as well as products from other categories deemed relevant to your browsing history. The technology behind these adverts is based on cookies.

Cookie Name Purpose
Each individual advertiser uses its own tracking cookies.

The cookie and data associated with that cookie is not confidential or interchangeable.

In addition if you share our website with your friends on social networks - Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, PInterest etc - or using other sharing methods, you may have cookies stored on your computer, tablet or phone from these websites.

We don't control the cookies from other sites, so please check the other websites for information on how they handle cookies. You can manage these cookies using the information in 'Looking After Your Cookies' section above.

Why are we telling you about cookies?

We are giving you information on cookies as part of the ePrivacy legislation so we are clear on how they are used and affect you. If you have any specific queries about cookies on this site only please let us know. We are unable to answer questions about other sites as that can only be answered by those websites themselves.

Find out more about cookies

If you'd like to learn more about cookies in general and how to manage them, visit This is an external website and we are not responsible for the information on it.

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