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Eroded Old Silver
Eroded Old Silver


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What is a LED Dimmer?

Our LED Dimmers are specifically designed to operate on ALL types of DIMMABLE LED lamps and strips. These LED dimmers can be easily programmed to optimise LED performance by following the instructions provided with this product. The dimmers have a choice of modes to match your LEDs and the minimum brightness can changed to suit your room.

Important - non-dimmable LED lamps cannot be dimmed. Should you fit a dimmer to non-dimmable LED’s then damage to the dimmer, lamps or both will occur.

Mains voltage dimmable LED light bulbs can be dimmed using an ordinary resistive dimmer. LED lamps are an attractive proposition as they consume very low wattages and are very energy efficient. This can cause problems when choosing the correct dimmer.

If you have a few LED lamps to dim, then the total wattage will not be enough to load the dimmer. For example, four 5w LED lamps in a small room will only total 20w whilst the minimum load on a 250w dimmer is 25w. This means that the dimmer will simply not work. In these circumstances a low load dimmer rated at 5 – 50w would be required.

Under normal circumstances, so long as the minimum load is exceeded, dimming mains voltage LED lamps is not an issue so long as the minimum load is observed.

Dimming low voltage LED lamps is also easily achieved by either dimming the driver on the primary (mains) side or on the secondary (low voltage) side. Of the two, primary side dimming is the more desirable and the easiest to achieve. The LED driver would need to be of a constant current type and dimmable.

Never mix lighting types through the same dimmer on the same circuit. For example if you have 3 halogen bulbs and 3 LED bulbs fitted in the same room on the same switch you cannot replace that switch with a dimmer unless you remove either the halogen lamps or the LEDs. If you were to fit a dimmer in these circumstances then damage to the dimmer, lamps or both will occur.

On special request we can make up combined dimmers that incorporate LED dimmers and Intelligent dimmers on the same plate if required.

We recommend 25mm deep wall boxes for mounting our LED dimmer switches or 35mm deep wall boxes for shallow or flat plate ranges. If you require any advice or assistance please call our sales team on 01926 289289.

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