Erosion Eroded Old Silver Cooker (45 Amp Double Pole) Switch

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Eroded Old Silver
Eroded Old Silver


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What is a Cooker (45 Amp Double Pole) Switch?

45 amp Double Pole switches also known as Cooker Switches, Shower Switches or Double Pole Isolator Switches. They are available in various types some with Neon indicator lights and others on a double sized front plate. 45 amp Double Pole Switches are generally used with High Powered Electrical appliances that need to be hard-wired as opposed to using a Plug and Socket. They are usually protected by a fuse or circuit breaker in a consumer unit or fuse board. Typical examples could be Cookers, Ovens, Shower Units or Hot Tubs etc the terminology Double Pole (DP) means that the switch breaks both the Live and the Neutral poles – this is widely regarded as the safest way to isolate an electrical load.

These switches are often used instead of a 20 amp double pole switch when the load is likely to be greater than 20 amps or the appliance has a surge at start up. In these circumstances fused protection should be offered at the consumer unit.

You can choose to have a neon indicator light that will show you when the appliance is live and we also offer the same unit on a double sized plate if it is replacing a similar sized switch.

Our 45 amp double pole switches have an earth terminal as well as 2 live and neutral terminals and these terminals will accept up to 2 x 10.0mm Twin & Earth Cables.

We recommend 35mm deep wall boxes for mounting our 45 amp double pole switches or 47mm deep wall boxes for shallow or flat plate ranges.

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Wiring Diagram

See the wiring diagram for Double Pole Switches.

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